The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band "P.I.M.P."

I mean…the song just kinda tee’s it up for you: its f’n pimp. If you ever see me walking down the stairs to the subway with a big ol grin on my face, odds are I am listening to this on my headphones. The retro vibe and production combined with the more recent familiarity of the 50 cent original is a killer blend. Steel drums aren’t just for Gloria Estefan covers on cruise ships anymore...

Any scenario where you are feeling yourself, this should be a go to. Just crushed a meeting? (run the track). Sunday night and you just remembered it’s a 3 day weekend? (run the track). Weatherman said it was going to rain but turns out its sunny and 73 degrees? (Run. The. Track.). I dare you to not nod your head to this.