We Outchea! Camp Flog Gnaw 2017 Recap

What do you do when you just premiered a brand-new cartoon on Adult Swim, opened your own boutique clothing store on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, and announced another shoe collaboration with Converse in the SAME week??? Well if you’re Tyler The Creator, you throw a huge 2-day music festival & carnival party at the end of that SAME damn week of course!!!

Yes, Tyler The Creator had one hell of a week and he sure topped it off with the 6th annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival held at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. With headlining acts Lana Del Rey, Kid Cudi, Solange, Migos, A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, and many more, it was quite the event to participate in.

Unlike your typical music festival, Camp Flog Gnaw takes it a step further with its carnival theme full of games and prizes that of course every individual wanted as they were GOLF branded merchandise (Tyler’s clothing line). Shoot, even my friends that didn’t know Tyler’s brand wanted the blankets and socks! If that wasn’t enough, there were merch booths everywhere with lines at every single one and but no line was longer than the on-site GOLF pop up for those who couldn’t make it to the flagship store on Fairfax.

The festival was filled with hundreds of young kids dressed to the nines in urban streetwear with everyone putting their own spin and individuality from hair color and sneakers to wearing man purses…and yes there were quite a few. For those who aren’t so much into the clothes, there were dozens upon dozens of delicious foods to eat from gourmet pizza and ice cream to Asian cuisine like Pad Thai and Ramen to the traditional hot dog, funnel cake, and cotton candy. It was all there. Oh, and there were carnival rides too!

But enough talk of clothes and food. The music is what we came for and yes, it delivered. Spread across Exposition Park were 3 stages: Camp Stage, Flog Stage, and Gnaw Stage. And just like California, everything was spread out! And boy did it suck to walk back and forth between acts. But I digress, acts such as BROCKHAMPTON brought raw energy to the stage as all members were painted blue as they got the crowd rowdy and obnoxious with each song they delivered off their Saturation projects. While other notable acts like 2 Chainz, Migos and Playboi Carti had kids climbing trees just to catch a peek of their favorite rappers. There was even a handicap attendee getting the crowd surf experience while sitting in his wheelchair! Aside from that, the sets that stuck out the most for me were not even rap acts but the soulful and hypnotic voices of Kehlani, Mac Demarco, Solange, and The Internet (I had hoped to add Frank Ocean on this list like the rest of the festival goers but the man was celebrating his birthday so I guess that’s okay). Not much needed to say about their sets if you are familiar with their music but for those who don’t…it was amazing.

Kehlani commanded the crowd with such ease and entertained the crowd with her choreography. I watched Mac Demarco’s set from atop the Ferris wheel while the sun was setting, so I really have no complaints about anything as he effortlessly entertained the crowd with classic hits off Salad Days

Solange came out and serenaded the crowd, sounding exactly like her record A Seat At The Table.

And one of the favorites of Saturday night was the Odd Future OGs, The Internet, in full force playing their 6th time for Camp Flog Gnaw and having the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands with songs off the Grammy nominated Ego Death.

Camp Flog Gnaw was one hell of an experience and one worth checking out. With Tyler, The Creator having been so active in the music scene since 2009 and changing the culture of youth fashion, it’s surprising for even me to say that it seems like the front-man of Odd Future is only getting started.