Crispy New Cuts: 11/14/17

Benita "Time For A Change"

Edinburgh, UK label Athens of the North is one of the world’s finest soul reissue labels and they’ve unleashed another stunner with this classic disco/soul jam from obscure vocalist Benita. It may be a few decades old, but it still packs a relevant lyrical punch.

Gregg Kowalski "Tuned To Monochrome"

11 years after making his solo debut on Kranky Records and 8 years since his last solo album, Gregg Kowalsky returns with a gorgeous new album L’Orange, L’Orange which marks his first album for the Mexican Summer label. Inspired by his recent move to Los Angeles and the city’s non-stop sunny weather, L’Orange L’Orange is another dreamy and transportive record that brings a brighter sheen to his meditative compositions.

Hiroki Yamamura "Frosty Cake"

We’re big fans of London-based label Moveltraxx and the cutting-edge club sounds that grace their catalog. Fresh off their Street Bangers Factory 8 compilation, they just announced a forthcoming Moveltraxx debut from Japanese producer and Trekkie Trax alum Hiroki Yamamura that showcases his “high NRG juke and ghetto disco house tracks.” Lead single “Frosty Cake” is a wonderful appetizer for the full Butterfly Hour EP that’s out on December 1st.

Ivan Ave "Squint"

Hip-hop may have been born in the Bronx, but it’s a global movement. If you need some immediate proof, dig into some new jazzy laid-back hip-hop by Oslo, Norway’s Ivan Ave coming courtesy of one of the freshest contemporary hip-hop labels, Berlin’s Jakarta Records.

Lewis Lane "Can't Get Enough (feat Sam O.B.)"

Brooklyn’s Sam O.B. has an incredible ear. As the driving creative curator behind the excellent Astro Nautico label as well as an insanely versatile studio musician, he’s constantly working on his own creations or helping lend a hand to up-and-coming artists. He’s had an incredibly fruitful 2017 that included the release of his own long-awaited solo debut album Positive Noise, and while that album was on heavy repeat upon its release, we’re now grooving to his new collaboration with budding pop vocalist Lewis Lane.

Posse "Dream Sequence"

Few bands do autumnal slacker indie rock as well as Seattle trio Posse. Fortunately, they’re right on time with an expansive new 6-track release Horse Blanket that’s a perfect soundtrack for drizzly afternoons and gray evenings.

Solace "ollie"

This whole release is so pure, so genuine, so beautiful. Based in Houston, Solace is part of the emerging Milky Wayv collective/label/crew that’s pushing some magnetic lo-fi R&B and hip-hop. We recommend starting at the beginning of Solace’s new EP Thesis with “ollie,” close your eyes, and drift away to the remaining 13 minutes.