Friday Jam: Freeez "Can't Keep My Love"

Your Friday jam is a deep cut/digging in the crates/you probably don’t know this shit so stop fronting cut from the 1980s British jazz-funk/disco group Freeez . The record was produced by the legendary Arthur Baker who has done work with Afrika Bambaataa and New Order just to name a couple. This funky record already has you moving from the start with the beginning drum break but give it about 10 seconds (literally), when the bass comes in with the pianos…you’re pretty much transported to an 80’s disco. With disco/funk getting more incorporated these days (i.e. Bruno Mars), this song fits in with the modern day Tuxedo (I feel like Tuxedo somehow got their writing style from this song…don’t @ me) and Breakbot. In any case, let this jam be a start to your weekend!