We Outchea! Curtis Harding Live Review

DAMN! That was the only thing I said after watching this young man throw down in the intimate back-room venue of Sunset Tavern in Seattle, WA. Words do little justice describing Curtis Harding live but I’ll do my best.

Curtis Harding popped onto my radar around 2 years ago, sometime after he released his full-length debut "Soul Power" on Burger Records. Someone was playing it when I walked in for my shift at Easy Street Records and I was floored with the raw emotions and soulful sounds coming out of the speakers

Fast-forward to Oct 27, 2017 and Curtis drops "Face Your Fears" on Anti- Records. He's scheduled to hit the stage in Seattle only 2 weeks later. A perfect amount of time to absorb the new cuts and seeing them performed fresh in the flesh.

Since the show was at the Sunset, I decided to grab my camera as I was walking out the door hoping there would be lax restrictions on shooting the show, and as I expected, they had no reservations. Sweet! After spotting some friends from Easy Street, I grabbed a beverage and camped out right up front to capture the evening in photos.

Shortly after 9pm, Curtis and his bandmates stepped up onto the cramped stage and dove head-first into his repertoire, weaving between his 2 releases and mesmerizing everyone who was lucky enough to squeeze into the sold-out show!

The band hit on songs like “Heaven’s On The Other Side”, “Drive My Car”, “Ghost Of You”, “Dream Girl”, “Cruel World”, “Face Your Fear” and “Go As You Are”, highlighting his penchant for blending gritty rock with sweet soul.

While Face Your Fear is a bit more polished than Soul Power, both albums sounded seamless on a Sunday night with riffs shaking hips and words penetrating souls, Curtis Harding and his band are not to be missed!