Friday Jam: Coati Mundi "Que Pasa/Me No Pop I"

The all-time classic from the multi-cultural early 80s NYC club culture is a jam for ANY day. Kid Creole & The Coconuts were one of the important outfits of that time and place, fusing disco, new wave, Latin/Caribbean music and the sensibilities of travelers with many passport stamps. Andy "Coati Mundi" Hernandez was a singer, percussionist and personality in the band who usually was afforded a showcase track or two per album. This is technically a solo single although the whole band is involved and it bears the unmistakeable Coconuts sound. Whatever the case, it's a joyful, catchy, infectious mix of different yin-yangs: salsa/disco, English/Spanish, uptown/downtown. The humorous, witty lyrics are the cherry on top! Nearly 40 years later this classic still sounds like the ideal future.