Who Sampled What: Mobb Deep / Herbie Hancock

It took 16 years to finally figure out what was exactly sampled by Mobb Deep to create their classic record "Shook Ones Pt II". Thanks to super sleuth "Bronco", a member of the hip-hop forum the-breaks.com, he was able to identify the eerie bass/guitar line as a super slowed down and chopped up piano riff from the 1969 Herbie Hancock song "Jessica" from the LP "Fat Albert Rotunda".

Listen to the anthem "Shook Ones Pt II" below:

Now listen to first few seconds of "Jessica" below:

OK, so the Herbie Hancock piano bit sounds nothing like the sample on the Mobb Deep cut - UNTIL - you listen to the breakdown of the sampling, then slowing down, and then chopping of the piano line, creating a whole new riff in a whole new frequency. Listen below. Fucking genius.

RIP Prodigy