Friday Jam: Rita Lee "Saude"

Most people outside Brazil know Rita Lee mainly as the onetime front woman of 60s psych-Tropicália legends Os Mutantes. What most non-Brazilians are unaware of, though, is that after leaving the band in 1972 Rita embarked on a solo career that saw her become a much huger celebrity than Os Mutantes ever were. In the 70s and 80s she had it both ways: she was able to give full reign to her encyclopedic knowledge of rock's cutting edge across a string of classic albums while at the same time scoring a slew of world-class pop-rock hits, each one bigger than the last. She also seamlessly incorporated new wave and disco/boogie into her sound, which brings us to the classic at hand, 1981's "Saúde" ("Health"). It's an irresistibly infectious and funky track with more hooks than a meat locker and like all her late-70s/early 80s hits, is a DJ's best friend if he/she happens to be playing to a significant crowd of Brazilians, especially female, who inevitably will start dancing, singing along to every word and giving you two thumbs up. This is only one of many--Rita Lee's entire solo career is long overdue for North American discovery.

Rita Lee "Saude"