Crispy New Cuts: 1/9/18

Crispy New Cuts is an on-going series spotlighting 7 fresh new songs that have recently crossed our path and deserve a bit more shine.

Flava D "Love Story"

Proper UKG love through and through with “Love Story” from London’s Flava D, taken from her latest generous gift to her fans, the stellar new album/compilation More Love 2.

Househead Samira "Pop Your Back"

Previously gracing Crispy New Cuts back in November with her debut single “Slow Down,” we’re back with another heater from Franco-Tunisian DJ/producer Househead Samira and her second single “Pop Your Back.” Her filtered house workouts are just too good to resist. Free download from Moveltraxxx’s Bandcamp page.

J.Lamotta "Deal With That"

“Being rude is not my style, I wanna respect you as you are, but there’s no place for your racism in here.” Rise up to the sounds and message of Berlin’s J.Lamotta. Her new album Conscious Tree is the another winning addition to Jakarta Records’ wonderful catalog.

medhane "really good" (produced by rsnz)

Wish this cut were longer. Listen to it a few times on repeat and then just grab DO FOR SELF, the refreshing and way-too-brief debut release from NYC rapper medhane.

Metome "Vermont"

Why did Osaka’s Metome title a track after the United States’ sixth smallest state? I don’t know, but this is one smooth acid-tinged roller from one of Japan’s coolest underground electronic producers.

Sidney Gish "I'm Filled With Steak, and Cannot Dance"

Boston-based musician Sidney Gish makes fun, smart, kinda silly, but also super sweet bedroom indie pop. Grab her new album No Dogs Allowed for a name-your-price download, it doesn’t take itself too seriously (always a plus), and it’s also quite good.

USF "Disruption"

I’m thankful that the Summer never ends for Jason Baxter and Kyle Hargus aka Seattle duo USF. In the frosty days just before Christmas, they quietly released their latest chillwave masterpiece Pacific Decade and it’s packed with shimmery, nostalgic, luminous rhythms bound to heat up your frozen eardrums. Album art is brutal too.