Who Sampled What: Atmosphere / John Klemmer

As far as underground classics go, there’s not many as big as God’s Bathroom Floor by Atmosphere. Released in 1997, this is one of Atmosphere’s oldest songs and still a fan favorite. It’s the type of song that transports you right back to the place you first heard it. It’s got a timeless quality, pitched up just a bit from the original sample taken from John Klemmer’s Humbling Love. Throw in the drums from Cleveland Wrecking Co’s Superfine From Behind Lady and this classic beat was born. One of the few Atmosphere songs not produced by Ant, the credit for this gem goes to Stress (aka Siddiq), now the CEO of Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Atmosphere "God's Bathroom Floor"

John Klemmer "Humbling Love" (Sample 0:00)

Cleveland Wrecking Co. "Superfine From Behind" (Drum break @ the top)