Friday Jam: Fast Eddie "Git On Up"

“Me and Sundance came here to turn it out.

Are we doing it?

Yes, without a doubt.”

Birthed in Chicago in the late 1980s, hip-house combined funky house rhythms with playful MC’ing, and few did it better than one of its pioneering artists: Fast Eddie. His 1989 single “Git On Up” is still a landmark single for the genre, which (sadly) largely faded away with the rise of gangsta rap in the early 1990s. The track’s addictive rhythm and high-energy vocals also gets a major boost with a show-stealing guest verse from the Chicago Queen of Hip-House, then 17 year-old rapper Sundance. Nearly 30 years later, I got my fingers crossed for a massive hip-house resurgence in 2018.

For an excellent introduction to Hip-House, check out this short documentary from 1989 right here.

Fast Eddie feat Sundance "Git On Up"