We Outchea! Glassjaw Live Review & Photos

It’s been 15 years since the Long Island quartet, Glass Jaw, have released a full-length album so when word broke they were putting out a new album, Material Control, and they were opening for The Used on the west-coast leg of their latest tour, I knew I had to get into that show. Thankfully I have great contacts who were able to assist me in my quest to see and shoot the band while they were in Seattle.

On 11.24.17, Black Friday, the band released their new single, “Shira”, and it was a welcomed affirmation that the band hadn’t let up on their mix of post-hardcore rock, the blistering solo and churning bass made me smile from ear-to-ear, and in familiar Glassjaw fashion, vocalist Daryl Palumbo teeters between rage and sorrow, solidifying their sound. On 11.29.17 I raced down I-5 to get to the Showbox Sodo for the 7:30PM set time, only to hang around for about 30-extra minutes as the band graced the stage at closer to 8PM… no matter to me, I was only there for Glassjaw.

The band took the stage to minimal lighting, their red-banner backdrop with white stars draped behind the drum-set was the main focal point as the band emerged under the cover of darkness and opened their set.

The searing set included loads of tracks from their 2002 release, Worship And Tribute – “Tip Your Bartender”, “Ape Dos Mil”, crowd-favorite “Pink Roses” and the rager, “Stuck Pig”! They also ripped a few cuts from their debut, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence, as well as debuting new tracks from the new album Material Control.

With many in attendance unaware of the punch Glassjaw packs in a live-setting, it took about half the set to get the non-Glassjaw attendees riled up and stirring around the pit but once they joined the fray the floor erupted into a chaotic mosh-pit with a few bold patrons surfing to the front of the stage.

When all was said and done new and old fans adorned the band with massive applause and chants of “Encore! Encore!”… hopefully we’ll get that encore when they return as headliners in 2018!!