Who Sampled What: Migos / The Festivals

"BBO" is the best song off the Migos' newly released "album as an outlet mall" Culture II. Just because the album is bloated as a constipated whale while simultaneously spread thin like a pat of butter scraped over a loaf of bread, doesn't mean I don't fuck with it. But it is undoubtedly the very end of "The Beatles of this generation" 3 year musical hot streak. With that said, thank you Buddha Bless & Yeezy for sampling the 1967 Nothern soul 45 "You've Got The Makings of a Lover" from a little known group from Dallas, Texas, called The Festivals. Check both heaters below:

Migos "BBO (Bad Bitches Only) feat 21 Savage"

The Festivals "You've Got The Makings Of A Lover" (Sample @ 0:01)