Friday Jam: William S. Fischer "Patience Is A Virtue"

William S. Fischer is the kind of name you'll only come across while perusing the credits on left-field jazz-funk records. A producer, arranger, composer and keyboardist/synth programmer, he only released a handful of albums but his first, "Circles" (1970), on Herbie Mann's Embryo/Atlantic imprint, is the one of interest to us today. Its opening track, the stunning "Patience Is A Virtue," is an ominous stoner classic so smoked-out I'm surprised the DEA hasn't banned it. The groove is DEEP and dark and the arrangement makes excellent use of ambient space, and is in no hurry to get its point across but definitely does. Yet the listener is riveted. Plus there's even a sly weed reference in the lyrics. The rest of the album shoots off in some wild, diverse and unexpected directions but this track alone has made it very sought-after. Let it do its voodoo to you

William S. Fischer "Patience Is A Virtue"