Crispy New Cuts: 3/23/18

Crispy New Cuts is an on-going series spotlighting 7 fresh new songs that have recently crossed our path and deserve a bit more shine.

Demuja "I Wanna Know"

Brooklyn-based label Let’s Play House specialize in sample-happy feel-good house grooves primed to get bodies moving on the dancefloor. They’ve teamed up with Austrian DJ/producer Demuja for their latest offering, the stellar 7-track ‘Vinium’ release which offers an excellent showcase into the label’s consistently funky output.

drowse "Klonopin"

Spring season is now upon us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy fuzzy melancholic rainy-day jams. Portland’s Kyle Bates is the musician behind drowse, a cathartic project heavily influenced by his mental breakdown and reliance on antipsychotic drugs, and eventually Klonopin and alcohol, to subdue his paranoia and suicidal ideation. He’s found additional solace in creating music he bills as “gray pop” and his latest album ‘Cold Air’ just came out earlier this month on The Flenser Records and it’s an intense, immersive, and frequently beautiful display of his talents.

MJ Lallo "Star Going Home"

I’m pulling this direct from her bio, but it’s too fascinating not to include verbatim. “MJ Lallo is an award-winning composer, singer, and voice over artist. Lallo uses her voice to sound like trumpets, bass, cello, birds and drums. Often what you think is an instrument is actually her voice. She opened MJ Productions in San Francisco in 1983 as a post-production house specializing in music and SFX. In 1998 she moved to LA and in 2000 she opened her own professional recording studio, where she scores music as well as sings in character voices for animation.” Most of her works are behind-the-scenes, she’s released a couple solo albums in limited capacity – ‘The Channeled Voice’ in 1988, ‘Voices From The Night Sky’ in 2002 – and this month Séance Center unveiled a wonderful 3-track EP titled ‘Star Child” featuring some of her recordings dating back to 1987 and 1988, and they pack some bonafide timeless grooves.

The Parlor "In"

Albany, NY duo The Parlor – producer/songwriters Jen O’Connor and Eric Krans – create charming synth-enhanced indie-pop that’s severely underrated. Their 2015 debut album ‘Wahzu Wahzu’ was an ideal road trip soundtrack, and three years later they’re gearing up to drop their sophomore album ‘Kiku’ with “In” providing an early taste of the record.

Space Invadas "Now That I Know"

Comprised of legendary British electronic/soul artist Steve Spacek alongside Sydney-based producer Katalyst (a member of the brilliant short-lived Quakers project), Australian duo Space Invadas are prepping their long-awaited sophomore album ‘Wild World,’ a follow-up to their 2010 debut album ‘Soul:Fi.’ The album comes out next month, and early single “Now That I Know” has got us hyped to hear the full record.

VIDEOTAPEMUSIC "Sultry Night Slow"

VIDEOTAPEMUSIC is a new project of a young Tokyo-based music and video producer that repurposes old Japanese and Asian VHS tapes found in dusty recycle shops and closed rental video stores and samples them to create his own unique beats. There’s a strong Cornelius-meets-The Avalanches vibe going on here, and it’s got us excited about the release of his debut album ‘Souvenir’ on May 18th via 180g Records.

Young Guv "Stand In The Way"

Young Guv is the solo alias of Toronto’s Ben Cook, guitarist in the Canadian band Fucked Up. His solo works diverge significantly from Fucked Up’s sound, forgoing the band’s hardcore punk anthems in favor of a sleek 80s synth-funk-pop vibe that’s hard to resist. “Stand In The Way” comes off his brand new sophomore album, the awesomely-titled ‘2 Sad 2 Funk.’