Crispy New Cuts: 4/4/18

Crispy New Cuts is an on-going series spotlighting 7 fresh new songs that have recently crossed our path and deserve a bit more shine.

Adrian Younge "Silhouette Dreams"

Los Angeles’ Adrian Younge is a self-taught musician, highly sought-after analogue soul/funk/R&B/hip-hop producer, and the driving creative force behind the Linear Labs studio and label. In addition to his brilliant solo creations, he frequently embraces a strong collaborative spirit and works with different vocalists for distinctive projects. His latest is the ‘Voices of Gemma’ album that tackles a wonderfully nostalgic and classy soul style -- complimented here by opera singer Brooke DeRosa and jazz vocalist Rebecca Englehardt on the lead single “Silhouette Dreams” -- for yet another excellent entry in his stacked discography.

Hilary Woods "Inhaler"

Dublin-based musician Hilary Woods just signed to cutting-edge Brooklyn label Sacred Bones, announced her forthcoming debut album ‘Colt,’ and shared the stunning lead single “Inhaler,” introducing listeners to her gorgeous ambient-pop sound that’s darkly-lit but carries a beautiful sense of hope and wonder. Get familiar before the album drops in full on June 8th.

lojii "hoo'dah"

Philadelphia rapper lojii has been roaming the underground for the past few years, patiently exhibiting his magnetic throwback NYC hip-hop aesthetic. He had a breakout year in 2017 after teaming up with producer Swarvy for their underground classic album ‘DUE RENT.’ While that album found lojii adding his calm, confident, vivid lyrics over Swarvy’s wavy beats, he’s back in 2018 with a return to his original gritty sound on the excellent new ‘lofeye’ album, out now on the stellar Brooklyn label Youngbloods.

Michael The Lion "Be Mine" (Edit)

As part of the Crew Love + Soul Clap family/label, the Philadelphia-based DJ known as Michael The Lion (aka DJ Apt One) has been constantly churning out silky smooth grooves destined to get the dancefloor moving. His latest offering is an exclusive 2-track release for members of the Crew Love’s subscription series, and the B-side is a standout slow-burning edit of Change’s 1985 single “Let’s Go Together.

Stimela "Mind Games"

Currently hooked on this standout gem off the new compilation ‘Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth​-​Boogie in 1980s South Africa’ released last month on Soundway Records. Originally released in 1984 on Stimela’s debut album ‘Fire, Passion, Ecstasy,’ it’s breathing new life into speakers and dancefloors in 2018.

The Philharmonik "Colors"

The alias of Sacramento’s Christian Gates-Bahlhorn, The Philharmonik just dropped a super promising self-titled debut album showcasing his eclectic style that runs through varied hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul, and pop styles. The smooth vibes of “Colors” harkens back to the glory days of the indie hip-hop scene circa early-2000s and provides an immediate highlight.

Thousand Foot Whale Claw "Black Hole Party"

Austin-based label Holodeck specializes in rad synth music that carries a strong cinematic streak. The latest new addition to their roster is the four-piece “supergroup” Thousand Foot Whale Crew, who also hail from Austin, Texas and feature members of S UR V I V E, Troller, Single Lash, and Future Museums. Their sophomore album ‘Black Hole Party’ is due out June 29th and they’ve unveiled an early taste with the enticing lead single and accompanying video for the album’s title track.