20 Songs with Katy Davidson of Dear Nora

Last year, Orindal Records reissued the 2004 cult classic record, "Mountain Rock" by Dear Nora aka Katy Davidson to glowing acclaim from Pitchfork, The Fader, Noisey, and just about everyone else who's heard it including me.

About her influential album Katy says: "I wrote the songs that appear on Mountain Rock during the time of George W. Bush’s early presidency, the 9/11 attacks and the beginning of the Iraq war. I recorded the majority of the songs during winter in rural Arizona at the end of 2003, after returning home from a Dear Nora tour of Sweden. Overall I think this album is about bliss and terror, and how interactions with wilderness and humanity can provoke those emotions."

Just over 30 minutes long, "Mountain Rock" is a near perfect collection of 17 tracks of breezy melancholic indie folk and weird interludes that have gone on to influence a whole new generation of DIY singer songwriters like Girlpool (who have a song called "Dear Nora"), Frankie Cosmos, and a bunch more.

But enough about the old stuff and get ready to peep the new shit. On May 25th, Katy releases the first Dear Nora record in 12 years entitled "Skulls Example" on Ordindal Records. She's released 3 stellar tracks from it - listen to them here, here, and here. They're dope.

Q&A's are usually boring and basic so instead we asked Katy what she listens to, when she listens to them, and who and what they remind her of. Take it away, Katy!

20 Songs with Katy Davidson of Dear Nora

When I drink tequila I listen to Ruben Blades

The best Young Thug is song is...honestly I have no idea but the best Beyonce song is "Freakum Dress"

White Skull, Skull Snaps, or "Skull" by Royksopp? All of em.

My fave Neil Young song is "On The Beach" - it's so real.

The best song that came out recently is “Hands” by Octavian.

My fave TV theme song is Broad City (DJ Raff "Latino & Proud"). Runner up is the theme from M.A.S.H. (Johnny Mandel "Suicide is Painless")

The best Drake song isn't a Drake song. It's "Tuesday" by iLoveMakonnen (feat Aubrey Graham)

The most underrated soundtrack is "They Live" by John Carpenter

When I'm high I listen to Digital Cumbia.

My fave Dear Nora songs are “New To Me” and “Skulls Example” from the upcoming album. (Soon come)

The greatest song written by a Portlander is “I Don’t Understand What You Like About It” by Dragging An Ox Through Water.

I can’t even remember the last time I had a hangover but my Sunday morning hangover record is by Woo “Into The Heart Of Love".

The greatest hip-hop producer is… I’m gonna cheat and say A.G. Cook.

The 1st chord I usually play on a guitar is G. So boring.

The worst Beatles song is “Oh! Darling”. I hate that song.

The first time I took hallucinogenics I listened to nothing. I walked around Golden Gate Park for about six hours.

The songs that always make me think of my parents are “To Sir With Love” (my mom) and “On The Road Again” (my dad).

The most underrated disco song is “Jive Talkin’”.

When I don’t want to listen to music I listen to Slate Culture Gabfest, Real Time with Bill Maher (sorry not sorry), The Daily (NY Times), The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, Tara Brach, Bookworm, The New Paradigm Astrology Pele Report, non-fiction audio books, or just nothing.

The most underrated Grateful Dead song is… the Jerry Garcia improvisations on the Zabriskie Point soundtrack.

The best songs written by Arizonians are "Beautiful Child" by Stevie Nicks, and “Til I Hear It From You” by Gin Blossoms, and “Aurora Borealis” by Meat Puppets.

The dopest clothing purchases I've made lately are a black Adidas stadium jacket, and a screen-printed-all-over smock from Joshua Tree's Art Queen. I’m working on cultivating a look that integrates new age and techno.