Friday Jam: Lil Wayne "Get Something"

Lil Wayne’s 2003 non-album single, “Get Something” is one of my favorite summer jam songs. It’s a mystery to me when this song actually dropped since it is unclear online & I can’t quite remember (the single was leaked by a DJ at the time & isn’t available on streaming services). Sandwiched in between his successful start with his group The Hot Boyz & his upcoming radio hits “Go DJ” & “Solider” with Destiny’s Child, I remember watching this video on TV when I was out of school during the summer. The Mannie Fresh production & guest vocals on this are spot on for that time period. This was the start of what was to become of a lucrative career for the talented Lil Wayne. It’s peak early 00’s rap music & is only immortalized in this music video. I repeat, Weezy is too fly.

Lil Wayne "Get Something"

Bonus Beats: If you were curious what the “F” stands for in Weezy F. Baby (his now famous nickname) smush this.