World Premiere: Mister Lies

New York-based producer, composer, and sound artist Nick Zanca has been crafting rich, emotional, unpredictable music under his Mister Lies alias since 2012. His earliest offerings were characterized by lush sample-heavy downtempo beats that proved to be meditative and life-affirming, racking up millions of streams and a die-hard fanbase eager for more cinematic textured soundscapes. But much like his own carnivorous musical appetite and listening habits, the Mister Lies project has since digressed from his initial sound, driven by a desire to explore new sounds, new genres, new songwriting techniques in a quest to create timeless, challenging, immersive works of art.

After a five-year personal hiatus, Zanca returns to his project’s roots with a home-recorded, self-titled and self-released third LP. Realized over the course of a year and explicitly designed as a start-to-finish listen, Mister Lies is a study of capturing the present and a celebration of the art of recording itself.

Check out the world premiere of his gorgeous new album and read the project essay via TALKHOUSE right here.